Lewis County Fire District 6
Smoke Detector Program

Kits have been placed on Fire District 6 first out apparatus that contain smoke detectors and batteries. When crews are at citizen's homes within the Fire District, they will ask if there is a need to replace any smoke detectors and or batteries. This is at no charge to Fire District 6 citizens. 

The program is a part of the Fire District's community outreach program that promotes residential fire safety. The program focuses on elderly and low income households. Citizens can call Fire Station 61 at (360) 748-6019 to schedule a time crews can come and replace batteries and or detectors. 

Smoke Alarm Tips

  • Install detectors on each floor of your home;
  • Install a detector in or near each bedroom in the home; 
  • Install detectors away from air vents and bathrooms;
  • Vacuum the grill of the smoke detector and test detector monthly. 
For assistance with smoke detector inspection and or installation, call Fire Station 61 at (360) 748-6019.

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is known as the "silent killer" because it is invisible and odorless. Knowing how to protect your home and family from CO could be the most important thing you do. 
  • Do not use charcoal or gas gills inside or operate outdoors near a window where CO fumes could enter your home;
  • Do not leave vehicles running in a closed carport or garage;
  • Do not use an oven for heat;
  • Check all carbon monoxide alarms and replace batteries regularly (at lease one CO alarm on each level of your home is recommended).