Lewis County Fire District 6
Service Area

Lewis County Fire District 6's geographic area consists of businesses, an industrial park, farms, and residences. The area that the Fire District responds to is about 145 square miles with approximately 7,700 citizens. The Fire District boarders the City of Chehalis Fire Department and Riverside Fire Authority to the north, Lewis County Fire District 5 (Napavine) and Lewis County Fire District 1 (Onalaska) to the south and east, and Lewis County Fire District 13 (Boistfort) to the west. Lewis County Fire District 6 maintains mutual aid agreements for fire and medical services with all departments in Lewis County to provide quick and efficient responses. 


The Fire District staffs seven (7) career personnel on a 48 hours on, 96 hours off rotation to provide immediate 24/7 response to all calls within the Fire District. This staff responds out of Fire Station 61 on Jackson Highway in Chehalis. Also housed in Fire Station 61 is one full time fire chief, one part time fire chief, and one full time administrative assistant. 

The Fire District offers a volunteer shift program, where volunteers for the Fire District may sign up to work 8, 12, or 24 hour shifts out of Fire Station 61 or Fire Station 62. Those slots are filled as volunteers are available. 

Fire District 6 has four unstaffed fire stations placed throughout the Fire District that volunteer staff can respond to from their houses when a call for service is generated. These stations can also be placed in service by volunteer staff to provide additional responses when multiple calls for service are active simultaneously.

Fire Department Services

Firefighters of Fire District 6 do more than fight fires. Our career and volunteer staff are trained to complete tasks and have an exceptional skill set in many areas to provide the best service to our citizens.

  • Structural, vehicle, and vegetation fire suppression;  
  • Basic and advanced life medical support; 
  • Fire and medical standby at special events;
  • Vehicle extrication; 
  • Fire pre-planning; 
  • Free walk in blood pressure readings;
  • Community education. 
See the "Community" tab at the top of the page for additional areas the Fire District assists the community and its citizens.