Lewis County Fire District 6
Disaster Response Plan

Know what to have on hand when disaster strikes. Here is what to keep stowed away, per person, lasting four (4) days.

Water One to two gallons of water per day; stored for sanitation and drinking;
Food Extra food (dried meat, power bars, canned food, trail snacks), camp stove, mess kits, can opener, other cooking equipment;  
Light Sources  Flashlight with batteries, windproof/waterproof matches, candle and or light stick; 
Tools Pocket knife, shovel, small hatchet or ax, crow bar, sledge hammer, adjustable wrench (to shut off natural gas), sewing kit, 50 feet of nylon rope; 
Money At least $50 in small bills;
Extra Clothing Socks, underwear, hat, sturdy shoes, gloves, wool-blend blanket or emergency reflective blanket, hand and body warm packs, poncho; 
First Aid First aid kit and supplies, burn gel and dressings, radio with batteries or alternate power source, whistle with neck cord, personal comfort kit (including soap, toothbrush, comb, tissue, etc.).

Know the location to your nearest fire station. They often have the ability to house displaced citizens. Call before disaster strikes and find out what their capabilities are in the event of a disaster. Remember to check on your neighbor, especially if disabled or elderly.