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March 2014

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Levi Williams

District 6 wishes to welcome Adna High School senior Levi Williams to it's firefighter observer program.

Interests: Football, Wrestling, Hunting, Fishing

I decided to join this program at first because I wanted community service hours to put on an application for the United States Coast Guard Academy. I was nominated by Congress Women Herrera but the more I thought about what I wanted to do with my life, I decided to pursue a different career. I have always looked up to Firefighters and decided to join this program for more of a job shadow then community service.

     I am currently enrolled at Adna High School and I do running start. After I graduate, I am going to the Fire and Emergency services program at South Puget Sound Community College. After that I plan to go to CWU and get a degree in Paramedics.  


Firefighter Greg Folwell and Mike Goodwillie holding smoke detector kits to be placed on first out apparatus.

The kits will include new batteries and smoke detectors, so when we are at a resident's within our district we can ask if there is a need to replace the old batteries or smoke detectors.

The crews are actively asking resident's that live within the fire district if they have changed out their batteries in their smoke detectors, if not the crews will do it at NO CHARGE.

The program is part of the districts community outreach program promoting residential fire safety. The program is really focusing on our senior citizens that live in our district.

Residents can also call our Main Station (360) 748-6019 and schedule a time that we can come out and change the batteries or replace their smoke detectors.

This is a FREE SERVICE that we offer to the resident's in Lewis County District 6.


 District’s 6 Newest Medic Unit
Click here to see the progress of the newest Medic Unit


Click on Lewis County Fire District 6 –F450 build located in the far left hand column of the page 6th from the top to view the progress pictures of our newest medic unit as its being built. Feel free to follow the progress as it is updated over the next few weeks. Upon completion of this project the fire district will have a new updated medic unit in which to better serve our community.

Fire District Six continues to evaluate and improve on its service in the field of EMS to improve the chances survivability to its citizens.

Pictured is Assistant Chief/Paramedic Pat Smith as he gives an in-service on a new piece of equipment the EMS Division is looking at implementing in the field to aid the fire district paramedics with the placement of an advanced airway to assist in ventilating a patient that is not breathing.

According to Smith this is a relatively inexpensive piece of equipment that can attach to our mobile data computers and aid with the visualization and placement of an endotracheal tube or visualize and clear a foreign body lodged in the patient's airway.

Crew members were able to view both the video presentation as well as an introduction done by Chief Smith.

Board of Fire Commissioner's

Monthly Meeting's:
Every Second and Fourth Tuesday
 Starting Time:
6:30 PM

2123 Jackson Hwy
Chehalis, WA 

Citizens  are Welcomed!


July - December
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Lewis County Fire District Six

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Brent Boursaw, whom lives in Lewis County Fire District 6, recently participated in the rotary International Mentorship Day at Station 61 with firefighters Steven Busz and Kyle Eiswald. Brent is a sophomore in High School in Adna, and is interested in following  the career path of  a firefighter when he graduates high School. Brent partook in Mentorship Day to find out more about the career, as he has never had an opportunity to job shadow before.

Brent (pictured) while job shadowing, had the opportunity to try on the firefighting bunker gear and feel the added weight, pull a hose-line off one of the engines and spray water, and see the day to day firehouse operations from daily apparatus check to building inspections. Brent  has volunteering experience at Sharon Care of Centralia and also partakes in track as a school sport, competing in shot-put, javelin and discus events. Brent has a lot of pertinent questions to the job function of a firefighter, and hoped he had a successful mentorship day. We wish Brent the best of luck in the rest of his High School career and sports, and hope he continues to follow the job path of Firefighting.

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